Ghost Train Stations

Interesting article in the New York Times today (with pictures) of three former train stations (aboveground) in the Bronx. You can read it here.

It’s interesting to look at the different fates of the three stations in the article. One is derelict. Another is a gun club. The third is a small strip mall.

I’m familiar with two train stations that were abandoned, then reclaimed. In Columbus, OH there is a very nifty train station that now serves as a fire station.

I remember this particular building when it used to be a Volunteers of America office and was pretty much crumbling.

Unfortunately, the only thing left of Columbus’ main train station is the Union Station Arch:

The other reclaimed train station is in Toronto. It was once the Summerhill CP station and is now an LCBO store (and a particularly good one–this where they keep all of the expensive scotch):

Apparently the tower is modeled after the Campanile di San Marco in Venice. It closed shortly after WWII and remained boarded up until its reopening in 2004. Wikipedia tells us over 4,000 lbs of pigeon droppings had to be removed when the restoration was undertaken.