TTC Lunchtime Field Trip

Finally, I had a chance to download the photos I took during my TTC field trip in search of Vitrolite and other such things.

First, as promised, three eras of TTC station design in one photo. On the left is the new tiling (apparently being given a trial run to see how it does). In the middle, the old Vitrolite. On the right, the walls that have been in place in St. Andrew station for most of its life.

You can really see the damage underlying the metal stripping in this photo:

A closeup of the Vitrolite. Hard to believe these are made of glass:

And here’s what it originally looked like, from the last remaining Vitrolite TTC Station:

Even at Eglinton Station, the Vitrolite on the interior columns has not survived. However, the inner walls (see the second photo above) are in quite nice condition and give an inkling as to why this material was originally chosen. Too bad it didn’t hold up very well.