Ice House Detroit

I have been watching the progress of an amazing project in Detroit to take one of the over 20,000 abandoned houses there and turn it into artwork by encasing it in ice.

The two people involved are a photographer and an architect. I highly recommend reading their project blog–contains some amazing photos (that I will not copy here since the photographs are part of their project).

Video from CNN of the freezing process….

There’s one of the posts to their blog that really caught my eye. As has been documented in a number of places, parts of Detroit are returning to what’s been called Urban Prairie. These are neighbourhoods once full of houses, now reduced just a few scattered homes here and there. The rest have been torn down and the area is returning to nature. Some enterprising people are even setting up guerilla farms and gardens in the new green space.

The post shows a couple of aerial shots of Detroit neighbourhoods in the 50s and 60s vs. what they look like now. They’re astounding. Take a look.