I am Groot….I mean, Spartacus…I mean, Geddy

From the intro to the Big Beautiful Book of Bass. Geddy is the rabbit on the right.

On today, International Rush Day (you know, 21/12, in Euro-style dating), I decided to break open my shiny new copy (autographed!) of Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass. 

I’ve often been asked which member of Rush I like best, and I’ve never been able to give a good answer.  Alex, the extrovert, is goofy and funny. Neil, the introvert, is literary and intense. And Geddy, who strikes me as an ambivert,  is the consummate mensch.

So maybe the right question is this:  who do I feel most spiritually akin to?

I always thought I was the most like Neil.  Apparently not…

Get out of my brain, Geddy!