Siege Diaries 3/20/2020


If there is one theme the last week has confirmed in my mind, it is this:  We are all connected. We are all dependent on each other.  And we are especially dependent on a few groups of people:

–Scientists, doctors, and medical professionals, including personal care workers
–Farmers and agricultural workers
–Truckers and those in the shipping industry
–Those who work in our groceries and in food services
–Those who deliver essential services such as utilities and public transit

Lots of parents are suddenly finding out just how challenging it can be to be a teacher.  Others, diving into books, listening to music, writing, or making art are suddenly cognizant of how important the arts are to our psyche.  And others, walking outside, are suddenly aware of nature, of chirping birds, emerging buds, the sunlight slanting through trees that are just awakening from their slumber–and rediscovering that our connection extends also to the world we live in.

Magical thinking that one’s individual skills or job being ‘more important’ because it requires more education or draws a higher salary will not change these facts. Those “bootstraps” you have are dependent on the work of others–always.  Billionaires do not become billionaires because they are that proportionally smarter than the rest of the world. They reach that pinnacle on the backs of others, one way or another.

And the universe doesn’t care how much money you have.  Want to disappear into Galt’s Gulch? Your money can’t buy you a cure for disease. Your money can’t buy you alternative facts. Yes, you’ll probably be able to step on the poors when they start allocating respirators, but you’re still going to be dependent on doctors, nurses, other medical workers, and janitors to save your life, not to mention the workers in the factories who make the medical equipment and the drugs.  Each of those people, in turn, is dependent on the work of others.  Society fails together, but it also thrives together. allowing the “weak links” to collapse does not build a stronger chain–it just weakens it further.

The current situation demonstrates just how fast things can change.  If your sense of morality and who is a “good person’ is based on the status of what job they do, guess what–nature just readjusted the dials for you.