Siege Diaries 4/8/2020


Today has been the first day since I started writing these updates that I have felt a little short of deeper thoughts.  It was a day, a Wednesday, but not really distinguishable from yesterday, a Tuesday.  So here is what I did today:

—Logged onto my work network about 7 am.  We’d been given the go=ahead yesterday to be online from 11 am onwards, but I had a few things I wanted to do early.  It was a good thing, too, because around 10 we were told there were network issues and we’d need to stay off the rest of the day.  One of the IT guys on a call later on mentioned that there may have been a physically severed connection involved.

—Before all of this, did my weekly check-in call with my department. We spent a decent amount of time talking about shows we were watching or recommending.

—Despite the lack of network access forcing me to cancel one of my calls, my other meetings today were productive.

—Dave went out for groceries.  It was a zoo, apparently.  The stores are going to close on Friday and Sunday to give workers a break (this is what they would normally do Easter weekend; I am rather glad they’re not making an exception this year). I am glad he didn’t go tomorrow instead.

—I finished my 12 pocket masks; the 6 filter masks should go together in less than an hour and then I should have a batch to donate.  The next bunch should go much more quickly.

—Video call with folks from the museum on our book project. The current situation has actually meant we’ve started to make some good progress as people have time to prioritize it.

—Made up a character for an adventure game we’re planning to play remotely on Sunday.  Also, we’ve found that Moxie’s is doing an Easter dinner with turkey that can be pre-ordered for pickup on Sunday, so I put my order.

—Worried about the US.  As I do every day.  Bernie Sanders dropped out today.  I tend to view this as a positive—the Democrats can now start working together on their platform—but I am deeply worried about the election.  I’m even more worried about what the Danger Yam’s incompetence, corruption, and narcissism will cost in terms of human lives before we even get to a vote.

Right now, time seems to crawl as we brace for impact and wonder and worry about the future.  But there’s little to be done except to do everything we can to get us past the present.  Yet, at the same time, the present is all we have, My personal present isn’t so bad, and there’s not a lot I can personally do apart from making a few masks, staying home, reaching out to friends, and never allowing myself to cease caring.  But, again, I do wonder about what will emerge from all of this.  Can I ever be happy in complacency again?

I think not.