Siege Diaries 6/10/2020

Short update tonight.

Another Wednesday. Takeout food (Swiss Chalet this time), followed by a Tafelmusik online concert, followed by watching kittens on Zoom. Busy day at work. Dave went grocery shopping. We’ve done a major destashing over the past few days, and have now arranged to give everything away. People will be stopping by in the next few days to pick things up. Two people have already stopped by, but I’ve been busy in my grotto both days.

Finally made arrangements to swap out the winter tires on my car for next Monday. We’ve been planning day excursions in the near future, and even perhaps an overnight in a hotel later this summer, provided things go as they have been going. That’s what will pass for vacation this year. I’m rather glad that I’ve gone off the idea of shopping every time we go on a trip—it’ll make it easier to make scenery the main event and to keep up the physical distancing.

Meanwhile, I am dying of the cute over here.