Siege Diaries 11/25/2020

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt:  Is more money really going to make things better?

What makes things better is enough money.  Enough to afford food and shelter and clothing. Enough to also allow for some leisure activities.  Enough to allow you a little time to ponder philosophy.  And it’s not the money per se that makes things better–it’s the fulling of basic human needs (those things at the base of Maslow’s Hierarchy) that makes things better.   Being poor sucks, and those suffering from poverty do not need the relatively well off telling them to cheer up and make the best of their lives.  It is really, really hard to move into those higher categories in the Hierarchy without the basics well in hand.

This prompt is, of course, speaking more to the person who already is well-provided for who thinks that more money will solve all manner of personal problems or lead to “happiness.”

Tonight, I drove my license plate.  I did a trip down to Betty’s for turkey dinner takeout (the closest I’ll get to US Thanksgiving) and on the way down I listened to the Shostakovich 4th and on the way back, the 5th.  (The license plate is DSCH4347–the opus numbers–not DSCH45, because I don’t do that particular number any more.)   It was also a chance to enjoy the new car, and the onboard GPS turned out to be useful as the entire QEW Ft. Erie-bound was shut down one exit before the one I use.  Instead of following the service road where most of the traffic was backing up, I instead looked up the restaurant and got rerouted–all this without having to fiddle with my phone, which is a lovely thing.   The turkey was, as usual, excellent, I was able to get half a dozen of their dinner rolls, and there is pie waiting for later.  I also enjoyed seeing Christmas lights starting to emerge.  Tonight, probably some more proofreading.

I had also wondered whether Tafelmusik would stream their “Sing-Along Messiah” video (recorded about ten years ago) this year, and as it turns out, they will!  Immensely happy about that, although I may not sing quite so full-throated as I would like.

I am starting to plan the next embroidery project.  I’ve decided my marginalia would look amazing on a 1930s-style vest/waistcoat, so I’m currently tracking down a pattern.  While I was doing that, I realized that I have the perfect fabric on hand to make the 1935 suit pattern I have been eyeing for over a year (kept it as an open tab on my iPhone), so I’ve ordered that pattern as well.  This may end up being my holiday break project this year.  A lot may depend on whether I can get the rest of the required supplies, or have them on hand.  Right now, I think it’s still possible to go into Fabricland, but I have no idea whether that will last.  I suspect I’ll need some lining, buttons, and a zipper, and probably interfacing, but I have no idea right now what’s required.

While I’m starting to cue up the marginalia embroidery project, I’m thinking ahead to the project after that.  I really like the results I have been getting from adapting photos.  However, I still do have that cross stitch pattern I want to do, which would be Shostakovich #5–ah, that most auspicious of numbers.  After the experience doing the last one–which was absolutely exhilarating–  I suspect I will end up waiting for the universe to point out another photo to me for that one, for reasons I may have to wait to understand.

Of shorter term importance are the usual holiday baking–which may commence this weekend–and next week’s return of SMASH, the amazing scavenger hunt I took part in in July, which will likely involve a number of intense, short little projects.  Hopefully there will be more poetry!