Siege Diaries 12/4/2020

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt:  What do I truly own?

I own my memories.  I own my emotions.  I own my curiosity.  I own my ability to be kind to others.  I own my ability to pursue justice.  I own my ability to read and write.  I own my wonder at the world around me.  And yes, I own my fears as well.

If you took away all my stuff, I could still dream.  I could still recall places I have visited, people I have loved, cats I have cuddled.  I could still recall the joy of a Rush concert from the front row, or the elation of hearing the Shostakovich 4th symphony or Violin Concerto no. 1 played live. I can remember playing a Beethoven symphony, or singing the Berlioz Requiem, or so many sing-along Messiahs.  I can remember so many ceremonies I have written, or processing into Opening Ceremonies at Pennsic in 2017 leading my entire Kingdom as a herald.  I can remember the day I met my husband.  The day I received my PhD.

Perhaps, these memories and abilities might be taken from me someday, too, but not after they have served their purpose.  And for now, they are priceless.


SMASH for today:
Finished the banner.  Embroidered a catsnail ornament, which I am particularly happy with (in a way, it’s a trial run for the eventual marginalia waistcoat.  Made a Royal-Shaming meme.  Painted boxes for largesse and have transferred designs to them (which I will paint tomorrow.)

henry edit

I also mixed up a big batch of pineapple cookies.  It looks like I’ll probably be dropping them off for my holiday cookie exchange thingie tomorrow, and taking the opportunity to pick up take-out from Betty’s again.

And Dave has just reminded me we haven’t watched The Mandalorian yet.  I’d just started listening to the Shostakovich 9th Quartet, so as soon as I’ve spent some time with Shosty I’ll be off to do the same with Mando.