Siege Diaries 1/21/2021


Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt:  What am I getting out of my journaling ritual?

I started daily reflections the first day of lockdown for me–March 14, 2020–and managed to keep it going for 100 days.  Over the summer, I slacked off a bit as things relaxed and the immediate danger seemed to recede.  But I decided to start again in October, as I missed the discipline that committing to write something daily brought (which is when I started using the Daily Stoic journal).  When I did so, we were in the midst of the election campaign, the virus cases were starting to resurge, and I felt like I both needed the stability of that kind of commitment and the push to explore some key concepts more deeply.   Most mornings, after my email, Facebook, and news site ritual, I read the day’s entry in The Daily Stoic and then open up a blog post entry and record the journaling prompt.  Some days, I write a response immediately.  Other times, there is a delay of anything from a few minutes to several hours or even to the evening, but I always keep it in mind throughout my day.

It’s like it’s 2015 again, except, of course for the pandemic and the sense that the US has awakened from a nightmare.  There are jokes again that aren’t based on black humour–the big one being Bernie Sanders memes, based on images of him sitting at the inauguration in an ordinary coat wearing handmade knit mittens.  He’s been inserted into hundreds of scenes now, and I made my own contributions (thanks to the Kapwing meme tool).


Long day today, with my evening Toastmasters meeting followed by an exec meeting (total of three hours all together) so I have no brilliant additional insights today.  Bernie memes is about as far as I can go today.