Siege Diaries 1/30/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: Am I content to be clueless about things that don’t matter?

The key to this one is “things that don’t matter.”  I’m happy to be clueless about celebrities.  But pandemic stuff?   I don’t anyone can afford to be clueless.  At the same time, there’s misinformation out there, and there’s also such a thing as information overload.  Reading multiple speculative stories–or even multiple excellent, in-depth stories–can be extraordinarily stressful, so I’ve learned to limit things.

I think the key here is not to not be curious or willing to learn, but to use your time wisely and discerningly.

War and Peace is complete. Definitely worth reading, and particularly because I’ve never actually seen a movie of it or really much about it at all, so while I knew where the military stuff was going, I did not know how any of the rest of the plot would turn out.

Guess I have to put Anna Karenina on the list after that–but I know a lot more about that one.  But that will be awhile in the future–I’ve got the Penman novel, plus the Gogol short stories, after which I’ve kind of promised myself I’ll try some classic English lit.

Today’s big project was an embroidered cat snail.  Turned out I had all the colours I needed in silk, so silk it was.  I am definitely getting spoiled using silk for my embroidery–it’s not only easier to use, it’s also finer than the DMC cotton. This one will be attached to a journal cover (made from leftover Sartor fabric)  and sent to a gift exchange recipient.  I’m also going to make an alms purse tomorrow out of the same fabric, and then everything will be ready to ship off.  And then I’ll finally get back to my marginalia vest project, although I first have to make a non-embroidered version of the vest so I can use it to plan out placement.

Meanwhile, I’ve booked Feb. 12th off, and since the following Monday is a holiday, I’ll have a four-day weekend.  And there will apparently be more vacation time this year.  Not only did I carry over 4 1/2 days from last year, it seems that it’s at 15 years that employees of our company get a fourth week of vacation–at least it certainly looks that way in the system for time tracking. That gives me 32 1/2 total days this year.  Fingers are crossed that sometime later this year I might actually be able to use them to go somewhere, but at least it’s good to know that this spring, when hopefully we get the driveway redone and the sod removed from the front yard I’ll be able to take a few days off to replant it.