Siege Diaries 2/6/2021


Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt:  What needless conflict can I avoid?

Oh, there’s a can of worms for me.  I’m really conflict-adverse.  My default reaction to conflict is not to face it with calm and courage, but to disengage and to keep myself from getting hurt.  That’s going too far the other way for the Stoics, for whom justice and courage are two of the key virtues.  That’s not to say I haven’t been able to figure out a way to deal with conflict when it does occur–but I usually find a different way to approach it.  One of these approaches is, I think, just what a Stoic would recommend–disengage if possible, deal with the emotions (primarily my own) and weed out those that are counterproductive, and then reengage with a solid grounding in justice supported by facts.

Coming up for air right now.  I’ve been working about eight hours more or less straight (although with a few decent-sized breaks in there) on the scroll for the An Tir 48 hour backlog challenge, and I’ve stopped for the night because I think it’s about 95% done.  

A friend of mine posted this about Fibonacci numbers and some neat patterns they generate and that sent me down a whole rabbit hole of videos on numbers, from the Fibonaccis to the Golden Ratio and then the Mandelbrot Set.  For someone who isn’t precisely a math nerd, these things are really, really fascinating.   Then someone used Fibonaccis to write music, and then I found another one with even better music.

I could watch these all night, but I want to get this posted and get off to bed.  Rabbit holes, dammit!