Siege Diaries 2/9/2021


Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt:  What if I didn’t have an opinion about this?

As the Rush lyric from “Freewill” goes, “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”  Not having an opinion can be having an opinion.

That’s different than choosing not to dive into something that’s not important to you or the world, and stating that you do not have an opinion because you are not informed enough to have one.  (Although, yes, that may also be an opinion of a sort–in that in choosing not to engage you are making a judgement call on the importance of a topic.)

Not knowing what to believe is an opinion, too.

For me, the better question is, “what am I not going to waste time caring about?”  And there’s plenty of that.

I finished up The Land Beyond the Sea today.  It was an excellent novel for Penman to go out on.  She really went all out on the research (including some lines taken directly from eyewitness sources.)  And the pacing was very, very well done.   I also now know just how inaccurate Kingdom of Heaven actually is (even though I still like it as a movie).  Once again, history is actually way more interesting than fiction.

I decided to push though and get the book finished today rather than starting some preliminary sketches for the project I want to do this weekend.  However, I did spend some more time with Duke Derp Cat during the Eoforwic meeting today, which is above.

I also got a tracking notice for a package.  I am hoping it might be my missing book–I don’t think any of the other things I have ordered are anywhere near arriving yet.  But it might just be  a Kickstarter or another similar kind of thing for Dave.  Whatever it is, it’ll be here Thursday.

I was also reminded that the Berlin Philharmonic is starting a “Golden 20s” festival on Saturday, with all kinds of cool concerts of both classical and dance hall music from Berlin.  Yes, this is peak Babylon Berlin,   There’s a whole lot of Kurt Weil, whose music I’ve wanted to look into for some time, plus other contemporary works.  Should be a lot of fun.