Siege Diaries 2/25/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: Will I even remember this fight in a few months?

Months?  I forget minor fights within days.  That’s if there is a “fight” to begin with.  Picking battles is an important skill. 

I do, however, learn quickly.  I pick up patterns of behaviour. If you’re an asshole, I will give you as little of my time as possible.  If you betray my trust in you, you’ll have to work hard to get it back.   I’ll be polite and cordial, and do what is required, but no more.  

The minor shit?  We all have bad days. 

I didn’t sleep all that well last night–another one of those early-morning wakeups where my brain switches on and won’t switch off.  Not particularly anything bad, just not sleep.  I did just take an hour-long nap, and feel better.  

In meta news, I spoke about writing these updates today in my Toastmasters meeting.

Dentist today.  Unfortunately, more cavities, which I’ll get filled tomorrow.  My parents had been wearing full dentures for years at my age, so I suspect that there’s a hereditary element to all of this.  

At work, there’s talk of setting up a “safe space” session in the future to talk about the changes from Tuesday.  I’m a little dubious about that.  We had a hard enough time just talking about water cooler stuff on teleconference (pre-Teams, so not even any video)  in the first weeks of lockdown.  I was one of the more talkative people, for instance, and I’m not normally in that category.  Being vulnerable in front of work colleagues with the video camera on ?  I’ll take a hard pass on that.  I will happily participate in “what does this mean for the future?” discussions, because I’m a charter member of Team Pivot and Flex.   

Another weekend with a few plans.  I have a Lawspeaker roundtable to moderate tomorrow, I’ve purchased a ticket for a streamed concert on Saturday, and there’s a baronial meeting and Pathfinder on Sunday.  My goal will be to finish up Rocket Cat and to begin writing a Thing–if I am in the right headspace for Thing writing.  As I think about that, I’m thinking that the weekend might be more of the prep for the Thing, and that I might use my planned day off for the actual writing.  That’ll be next Friday, my birthday.  I took my birthday off last year, too–one of the last Normal Days of the Before Times, with a massage and a special dinner and a concert.   I want to make it special this year, too–but to celebrate exactly what it is that I have discovered in the past 365 days.    

Music for the day:  “Red Rain” by Peter Gabriel. Just a beautifully-filmed video to one of the most atmospheric songs on Gabriel’s So album.