Siege Diaries 3/15/2021


Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt:  What would it be like if I focused entirely on the present moment?

I know the prompt is based on a positive premise:  To live in the present, rather than focusing on a past that cannot be changed and a future that is still unknown.  This is something I wholeheartedly have embraced during the pandemic.

But that does not mean I–or we–should ignore the past, because there are lessons to be learned there and wisdom to be gained.

It does not also mean that we should not plan for the future.  Being entirely reactive to events risks being unprepared–and where else have we seen that better demonstrated than in the response to the pandemic?  In the same way, a person with a good source of income who fails to save for the future–or who is unable to, through no fault of their own–will likely encounter problems down the line.  Vacations–even staycations–need to be planned as well.

So focusing entirely on the present moment is not a good approach.  But that is definitely where the emphasis needs to be, because the moments you have now are the only ones you are ever guaranteed.

I’ve done a little editing on my article.  Getting close.  Didn’t end up reducing its length, but it’s definitely tighter now.

Crossbow cat (above) is now done.  The bowstring, arrows, belt hook, and whiskers will wait until it’s appliqued on the final fabric.  Catsnail is now sketched out and ready to start.  After the work required on the Shostakovich projects and even the cross-stitch, the eight or nine hours of work put in on this one seems like nothing. 

The National Ballet of Canada has posted a video that includes the first movement of the ballet choreographed by Alexei Radmansky to Shostakovich’s Piano Concerto no. 1, which I saw them perform in late 2019.

And on a completely different note, CBC’s Q was playing this in the wake of Beyonce’s historic Grammy win (she’s now the most-awarded female artist).  I missed it when it came out last year.  What an amazing piece–the incredible cadence of Beyonce’s voice, the harmonies, and the history.