Siege Diaries 3/30/2021


Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt:  If I am not ruled by reason, what am I ruled by?

I think the point here is that one should live a thoughtful life, one based on knowledge and wisdom, as well as based on the humility to know the limits of that same knowledge and wisdom.  That second part is key.


Bad night’s sleep last night, so this will be short.

The April 1 Letter of MisIntent is just about ready.  I’ll be writing the header and footer text tomorrow.  Today, I got most of the devices done and posted.

It was a beautiful day for a walk, and I saw the first blooming thing–some periwinkle, oddly enough.  Green things are now breaking through the layers of fallen leaves.  One set of daffodils in front of the house have very obvious buds now.

Read an article on Shostakovich’s ballet The Golden Age. Continued on the cat embroidery project.

Received the results of the Lawspeaker election.  Will be working to notify the candidates in the next day or so.

The government continues to threaten further lockdowns.  We all know it’s coming.  I really wish they would just do it and stop waiting for what appears to be some magical signal that it’s time.  On the other hand, I’ve signed up with Shoppers Drug Mart to be notified when vaccines are available.