Siege Diaries 4/2/2021


Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt:  What can I do today to keep drama away?

Drama is going to happen.  It just is.  The question is whether you’re going to get pulled onstage or remain in the audience.  If the play isn’t about you, or doesn’t concern someone or something important to you, you probably need to leave the theatre.  If it is,  listen and observe before you step in.  

I have a bit of a reputation as a person who can help deescalate drama.  The way I do this is what I’ve just described.  I put myself in the audience.  I take a long, hard look at the facts, as they exist, but also I look at the emotions being expressed–because feelings are real and important, and perception is greater than reality in so many cases.

One of the reasons I can do this is because I’m rather intensely private.  You are likely never going to see my drama (fear not:  it exists, but I try to keep it an internal monologue.  There are things I think that I will never, ever write about, and that goes back to childhood. 

I got as close as I ever do to losing my shit on Facebook yesterday over just one too many conspiracy theorists lurking in the weeds in discussions on friends’ walls, and posted publicly:

Dear friends:
If I see conspiracy theorists spouting BS on your posts and you not telling them where to stick that crap, I am going to assume you agree with them.
That, I realized was harsh.  I really don’t want people to tell conspiracy theorists “where to stick that crap.”  This morning I posted:
This was a bit harsh. (I mean, you folks know me, right?) But it matched my mood yesterday.
What I’d like to see is either 1) a simple statement of disagreement. You don’t need to wade into the BS. But particularly if it’s racist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, etc., I would like that disagreement stated. OR
2) if you don’t feel that directly addressing the person is possible, stating established facts in a neutral manner is OK, too.
Ultimately, your wall, your rules. But I cannot say I will not think less of you if you simply let it go. I do tend to cut people some slack, especially right now, when many lack spoons to deal with things. I’m not a judgy sort in general, because I’m well aware of my own shortcomings, but I reserve my right to be disappointed in people.
My own personal opinion? If someone posts conspiracy theories on *my* wall, they’ve lost their privileges to post there. I will not stand for being used as a way to amplify someone else’s delusions, particularly those that actively harm others.
The cool thing is that I did see some friends following up on those conspiracy theorists and telling them, firmly but politely, that what they were spreading was false.
The SCA has also announced it will lift the blanket ban on events as of June 1, and groups can apply for variances for earlier dates. There are some stringent caveats–no indoor events, pre-registration required, no camping, cap of 150 attendees, masks required. Some kingdoms have apparently already queued up modified Crown Tourneys and are actively prepping to resume activities.  Of course, we can’t do that at all here in Ontario.  It’s been interesting to note the differences in a couple of cross-border kingdoms:  An Tir is holding firm on keeping events on hold, stating very clearly that a Crown Tourney where some of its people could not participate due to a closed border is not in keeping with the Kingdom’s ideals.  The East, on the other hand, is supposedly proceeding with a Crown that Canadians will likely not be able to participate in due to Canadian regs on quarantine upon return.  
The lower age for vaccinations in some parts of Ontario is starting to creep into range.  I still think it’s going to be a couple of months, partially because Hamilton seems to be handling things particularly badly and is short on vaccines right now.
Meanwhile, in more exciting news, the new mini-fridge is so cold there were ice chips in my Coke.  
Embroidery is progressing.  Watched Falcon and the Winter Soldier tonight while working away on the goldwork.  I’ve spent a few hours feeding some of Shostakovich’s letters in Russian into Google Translate and being amused at the results. (Google does seem to do much better at translating out of languages than into them, but I can definitely see structural issues with Russian not unlike some of the ones I see with Latin, which makes sense as both are inflected languages).   
Also, as an example of how little I’ve paid attention to some things, a few days ago I hit the inside of my right leg just below the knee.  Only today did I notice the rather colourful bruise that had exploded there.


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