Siege Diaries 4/15/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt:  Life is full of taxes–am I prepared to pay them?

I moved back to Canada in order to have some of my tax money go to healthcare that would be accessible to everyone.  This kind of tax–when everyone pays towards a benefit that all enjoy–is absolutely worth paying.  I’m prepared to also pay things like carbon taxes, or other such taxes meant to counteract climate change.  Again, small charge towards something that impacts every person.

Almost forgot about the anniversary of the sinking of Titanic today.  Rectified that by listening to some massive reciprocating engines for a few minutes.  (Here is the much longer piece I wrote about them a couple of years ago.)

And not to be overly dramatic–but once again the provincial government is in panic mode because, surprise, cases went up again today and are now pushing up against 5000. The halfassery of mockdowns is finally showing its grim results. Supposedly the cabinet had an emergency meeting today. Ford, meanwhile, was blaming the federal government for the speed of vaccine delivery, and while that certainly isn’t great, it is patently obvious now that his strategy for keeping things under control was to “let the vaccine take care of it.”

Dave got his first shot today-AstraZeneca. He got it at Walmart, which meant I went inside a Walmart for the first time in over a year because I figured since we were there, I might as well stock up on gum. I don’t know what it is about that place, but it seems to attract more vocally vociferous people than any other store. While I was checking out, a woman was losing her sh*t about something in the self-checkout area.

Anyway, have no idea how long I will have to wait for my first jab.

We are now to that key milestone on the new embroidery project where enough is done to share. This represents only a couple days’ work, because, since it’s a diptych, the two images are smaller than usual. Smaller doesn’t mean easier, as I well know from illumination. This is about the smallest I can really go using this type of thread without losing detail. In any case, I am pleased.