Siege Diaries 4/17/2021


Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: Can I stop feeling hurt by every little thing?

Me, personally?  A lot depends on intent.  If you didn’t intend to hurt, that will make a lot of difference, as will your attitude when told that something you said was hurtful, as will whether this is a pattern of behaviour or not.  I firmly believe in what a friend calls “not letting others living rent-free in your head.”  If you are repeatedly hurtful to me, I’m not going to give you my time or emotional   I’m much more focused on making sure I’m not being hurtful to others.  Respect is important for me, and if I want you to respect me, respecting you is crucial.

Today I spent about five hours attending a Toastmasters district business meeting and election.  The latter part was particularly grueling, given that it took three hours to hold four elections.  It took nearly an hour to get to the first of the four.  Once they started, the first two were quite straightforward, but the third had four candidates and it went to three ballots, the victor being determined by a margin of two votes.  Then followed a rather contentious tiff over rules, as one of the unsuccessful candidates for one of the previous elections tried to run from the floor for one of the Division Director jobs.  None of this is particularly odd for an election.  The problem was the virtual environment was just exhausting.  We were required to have our cameras on the entire time with no break.  (I turned mine off briefly for a bio break and got a message to turn it back on).  This in a meeting with around 150 people to start with, and with screen sharing so you could never see more than five or six people at once.  It was, honestly, too much for a Saturday.  I did spend most of the time while instructions were being given or votes counted stitching on my vest or multitasking on Discord, giving full attention only when the candidates spoke or when I needed to vote.  (The voting process itself went impressively smoothly).

The one upside of all of this is that this evening I finished up all the work on the vest.  I finished it by hand to the sounds of the late Shostakovich string quartets, followed by a brief blast of Sisters of Mercy while I sewed on the last buttons.  Still needs to be pressed and have a good lint rolling, but you get the idea.


And, just one day later, Doug Ford is waffling on his new restrictions.  Someone finally clued in that not only was giving the police unlimited power to stop people outside their homes for any reason a bad idea, several police forces themselves actually said so.  And he relented on closing playgrounds.  But a lot of scientists and doctors are livid at the fact that there is still no focus on essential workplaces–particularly on giving sick leave.  Apparently this is the hill he wants to die on–and that bit of black humour is not unintentional.

Today, incidentally, is my 15-year work anniversary at my job.  I noticed an email to that effect in my work inbox.  I may need to log in tomorrow to take a look, since I believe I get a fairly substantial number of recognition points.  I am contemplating acquiring a new work chair if nothing else jumps out at me.  This milestone is just a little scary, to be honest.