Siege Diaries 4/19/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: Am I leaving room for what might happen?

I’ve been trying to.  It’s sometimes really easy to talk myself out of opportunities.  On the other hand, I do try to keep track of what’s going on around me so I’m mentally prepared to react where necessary.

A vaccine might happen soon!  I’ll be trolling the Walmart website daily until I get an appointment, either from them or from one of the other places where I’ve signed up for waitlists.

Today I spent time signing up for various vaccine waitlists, which hasn’t been made easy by the widespread, still ongoing Rogers outage.  Some of the sites require entering a PIN that’s texted to you in order to sign up.  (It still doesn’t seem to want to work this evening).

It was a beautiful day out today, and I headed out on a lunchtime walk. Trout lilies were blooming, and I bent down to photograph them–only to have my glasses fall out of my hoodie.  I noticed about 10 minutes later, turned around, and hurried back.  They were luckily still there, right next to the trout lilies.   The photo I got (above) was almost worth the stress.

My “Si Coeas, comperies” (“F**k around and find out”) sweatshirt–designed by a friend00 arrived today, along with another proclaiming me part of Team Oxford Comma.

Great program on Frank Lloyd Wright in New York on tonight’s episode of Ideas on CBC Radio.

Even the Washington Post is telling Doug Ford to resign.

Over the past two days, a couple of friends have posted photos from the walkthrough of my high school.  Some things look very much the same.  Others are a little different, but still recognizable.  I am still sad I won’t get to go through it one last time myself.

And, given how close I was last night, it’s not surprising that I finished this this evening.