Siege Diaries 4/23/2021


Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: How am I caring for my mind?

By using it!  I am constantly learning, thinking, exercising my curiosity, trying to find solutions to problems, thinking deep thinky thoughts, or looking around me for inspiration.  I love nothing better than a new research rabbit hole, or for my interest to be piqued, “forcing” me to learn new things.  This, and the creative “flow” I talked about yesterday, is keeping me going even though life right now is exhausting in many ways.


We are back to glorious early spring days after a couple of days of snow and chill.  So there was a lovely walk at lunchtime, where I took photos of the growing chorus of small spring blossoms.  I also received and deposited my tax refund cheque.   Later this evening I watched the final episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier (which wrapped some things up and pointed the way to some other things, and I’m currently listening to a very long discussion recorded last night about Shostakovich in parallel with a contemporary Soviet writer, Vitaly Grossman. There’s nothing hugely groundbreaking about the Shostakovich stuff so far–although it’s well-thought-out and is drawing conclusions based on current scholarship, but it’s rather neat to see the parallels with Grossman (who I’ve never heard of before).  And they’re making good, intelligent comments about Western criticism of Soviet Realism and the tendency to see everything as black-and-white–either toady or dissident.  


Another day, still no paid sick leave. After a dip yesterday, cases are up today again. Justin Trudeau and his wife got their vaccines today, the same one I’m scheduled to get on Monday.

For this weekend: embroidery, an AGM for MEDATS, walking, finally pushing to get the Latin poetry thing to happen, proofreading a chapter for the CWH book, a Zoom meeting with the CWH crew, and then my RPGs. I’m just realizing that next weekend it will be May, and I have the Making MAYhem event. Will need to prep for that one a bit.