Siege Diaries 5/2/2021


Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt:  What kind of person do I want to be?

I want to be the person I am–but better.  I think I have the right priorities, in general;  the main challenge is to apply myself with my full capabilities towards these priorities.  That’s where I fall down most often;  it’s a matter of degree more than anything.  

Finished the second embroidered piece of the now-triptych. This one I’m rather proud of for the way I resolved the challenge of depicting the musical score. I knew if I embroidered it I would not be able to get any detail. However, painting it did the trick. I was able to get a clear view of what was being written on the sheet from later in my video (it’s “7th Symphony 1941 Leningrad”, in Russian, of course), get a screen grab, print it out, then use carbon paper to trace it onto the “sheet.” I really like how it turned out. I now have the central piece–a soldier in Leningrad paying for a ticket for the symphony with a poster advertising it behind him. I suspect this is from a performance later in the war, since we know the historic first performance in the besieged city took place on August 9, 1942. There are two numbers on the poster–15 and 16. Given the rather miraculous event of its first performance, I somehow doubt that the orchestra played two more shows a week or so later. Unfortunately, I have no idea whether/when it was performed in Leningrad again; it was certainly performed elsewhere in the USSR multiple times during the war. In any case, the poster itself will be painted in a way somewhat similar to what was done for the embroidery I just finished.

The other big news is that over the past two days I’ve reclaimed, first, my bangs, and second, my reddish hair tint. It really does make a difference. I didn’t have much of a problem with my grey hair, but I feel so much better with the red hue. It’s been me for a very, very long time, so much that I see it as my “natural” colour.

Both RPG games were a lot of fun today. We spent time investigating mysterious noises in one, and in the other one, we started a new adventure that had us fighting killer carnivorous crystals and a giant purple worm.

Tomorrow evening, hopefully, I will record my Latin. I did practice it for awhile today and will do so again tomorrow.

And I’ve been reading what I was writing a year ago. There will be Thoughts tomorrow.