Siege Diaries 5/7/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt:  What is some good I can get from myself today?

As the associated meditation says, “do good things!”

Today that meant having some extended conversations with a couple of online friends.  It meant listening to another composition that another online friend wrote that used my own musical acronym/motif in a piece along with Shostakovich’s (mine is right before this) and I think the only thing better than this is the couple of times some very special friends have written poems for me.   It meant I think I’ve lined up a person to do a backlog AoA for–she’s someone I know as a herald, and that’ll mean I can do all the things I love best and can do something that will hopefully make her go squee.  


Didn’t sleep all that well last night.  But today was pretty good.  Another episode of The Bad Batch and a few more catch-up episodes of Clone Wars.  Officially made requests for a couple of vacation days around the long weekend.   Starting to pick up momentum on the embroidery.  Because I’ll be spending a fair bit of time tomorrow attending the MEDATS conference online (one of my apprentices is giving a paper on dog armor!)  I am kind of hoping I might have the piece largely completed by the end of the weekend.    There’s also Lady Mary court tomorrow.  I haven’t been able to participate in the online tournament they’ve done this year because of prep work for the Bardic War and some other commitments, but at least I’ll be able to attend Court.   


My wonderful friend E.  shared the following song with me today.  I’d never heard it.  The opening bit is taken from Shostakovich’s Symphony no. 2, otherwise known as “To October.”  The lyrics make me think the songwriter definitely knew something about Shostakovich, although this was written 15 years after his death.  It does make me indulge in the what-ifs:  What would he have made of the fall of the Soviet Union?