Siege Diaries 5/10/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt:  What bold thing can I do today?

Well, with a “Dare Mighty Things” dress, I’m feeling invincible!  Now, if I only had somewhere to wear it.  Someday, someday, I guess.

I definitely completed a bold thing.  See below.

Today was a day of finishing and beginning.

Finishing:  My “Leningrad” triptych.  I include the closeup of the middle piece.  I used cutout portions of the original photograph for the poster and the building in the background on the left;  the rest is art markers. I then attached the three pieces together using small hinges.  It’s rather….large.  



Beginning: Taking a little bit of a silly break in between larger embroidery projects, I’ll be doing this:

As it turns out, I had all three of the suggested colours in my box of cotton floss.

My Svaha dress arrived! The skirt is based on the Mars Lander’s “Dare Mighty Things” parachute.

I’m wearing a new bra, or rather bralette. Those seem to be popular right now, as styles are starting to edge away from underwires everywhere. I’ve never had many issues with underwires, but my bras (mostly all purchased around the same time six or seven years ago) are starting to show their age, and I thought I’d give this new variety a shot. I quite like it. I ordered two more.

And here is a very interesting Chernobyl article.

We’re just finishing up the re-watch of Chernobyl. Started off with the third episode, couldn’t stop. It’s every bit as good as I remember, particularly the drained, washed-out, sickened colour palette. The only thing I could argue with is in the meeting at the end of the fourth episode, where they’re using what looks like one of the abandoned schools in Pripyat, and it’s in an advanced state of decay—after only a few months. Just watching the final episode now, which starts with the events immediately before the accident.

(In an odd bit of symmetry, there was a cinema in Pripyat called the Prometheus, with a statue of the same that was moved to outside the plant after the accident as a kind of memorial. Prometheus was chosen because of his gift of fire to humanity, which in Pripyat was a reference to nuclear energy. That is, of course, what the reference in the snarky cross stitch is to.)