Siege Diaries 5/20/2021

IMG_2410Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt:  What are the seeds I am planting, and what will they grow?

Another day where the meditation for the day is more insightful for me, which is all about prioritizing quality learning over quantity.  While I’ve always liked breadth of knowledge, I have a tendency to deep-dive on particular topics that are most meaningful to me, and that includes philosophical topics as well.  I haven’t really gone deep into any other system of philosophy as I have with the Stoics, and even here I have a lot to learn.  But I’ve tried to keep things practical–while pondering the meaning of life is interesting enough, I prefer to spend my time with real-world problems and dilemmas.

I’m off on mini-vacation–and under the changes announced today, outdoor activities will reopen Saturday, so we may be able to play some mini golf or go to the driving range –although we’re going to wait until Tuesday to avoid any crowds.  The reopening plan, incidentally, is quite conservative;  if everything progresses through the steps at the very earliest point, we’ll be somewhere approaching partly reopened in August.  We will have to see how that impacts the Museum. At the same time, I’m glad they seem to have decided to go fairly slow this time.

Hopefully tomorrow there will be a hike out to Albion Falls, before the long weekend officially starts and the crowds emerge.  Saturday we’re hoping to pick up some takeout from Betty’s, combined with a drive through Niagara.  It should be gorgeous driving weather.

I also got a crash course in using our SLR camera today–and it was quite straightforward and rather satisfying, to be honest–the kind of thing I wouldn’t mind playing around with a bit if I had time for that kind of thing.  Got the high-quality photographs I needed done and shipped off.

I’m rarely overly chatty on Thursdays.  They’re my busiest day at work, and then there’s my evening Toastmasters meeting, which was doubly long tonight because of an executive meeting.