Siege Diaries 5/23/2021


Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt:  Can I start living, right here, right now?

Who knew a year ago that we’d still be in this?

Who knew two years ago that we’d be in this at all?

Who knows where we’ll be in a year?

I get (I assume!) 24 hours today.  Same as I got last year.  And yesterday.  Hopefully I’ll get 24 more tomorrow.  But I the ones that matter the most are the ones that I’m living right now.  What can I do with them to feel like I’ve accomplished something today?  It really doesn’t take much.  Just sitting down for a few minutes and writing this post counts for something.  Maybe it’s just giving a kind word to a friend. Maybe it’s doing your job, and doing it well.  Maybe it’s just thinking.  Maybe it’s getting a task done that needs to be done.  Maybe it’s taking some time to appreciate art, or music, or words.  Maybe it’s laughing.  Maybe it’s learning something new.  Incremental progress is how just about every great accomplishment comes about.

The accomplishment for the day?  I cleared out all the closets, and more.  Once I’d found the source of the moths we’d been seeing, the next step was to try to understand whether we had a problem beyond that.  So I cleared out both bedroom closets, the garb closet, and some of my fabric storage downstairs.  The good news:  Very few signs of an active or widespread infestation.  I found one live larva, on a hat that’s now in the freezer, and a couple of dead moths.  That’s it.  I also got the winter sweaters into storage (in plastic bags), and Dave fixed a broken drawer.

Today the SCA’s Bardic War wrapped up.  It was a terrific event, really the epitome of how amazing a virtual-only event can be (and they’re doing another one next year).  I love how this opened up opportunities for participation that would not have been available had we not all been forced to adapt.  It helped that the alliance I was supporting won, although even if they hadn’t I’d have still been pleased with what I was able to offer and accomplish.

So that clears out the docket for projects again, with the exception of the backlog scrolls I want to get going and the Pallas’ cat embroidery (which is turning out to be quite challenging, given the lack of solid colour embroidery anywhere).  I have another Shostakovich planned for after that one, and then maybe the Chernobyl mosaic-inspired beaded piece.  But I also have had a menswear-type vest planned for awhile, and that shouldn’t take long to assemble, so I’m considering cutting that out tonight after I finish this post.

We’ve also managed to have mostly consistent internet the past two days.  Tomorrow we expect the tech person from the ISP.  I’m hoping a potential new modem clears up this annoying issue.   Pathfinder was switched from today to tomorrow, so there’s that to look forward to.  Tuesday is now looking to be a good day, so going ahead and booking the mini-golf is looking like it was a good plan.

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra is apparently about to announce their upcoming season.  It would really be wonderful to have a potential performance or two to be excited about, especially given that I have money on account with them.  There are a few orchestras that have announced seasons.  Absolutely nothing I’d travel for, though, provided that becomes a thing again.

Just under 1700 cases of COVID today.  Positivity rate is continuing to drop.  ICU patients down below 700.  All good signs.  If the province does hold off on starting the first reopening phase until mid-June, we very well could be at under 1000 cases per day.  That would be wonderful.  Also, tomorrow marks four weeks since my first vaccine.  Hoping that I don’t need to wait three months for the next one!