Siege Diaries 5/25/2021

4A1B63CA-CA38-47CB-947B-463B5926718BToday’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: What kind of selfless things will bring me joy?

The best kind.  Telling someone, either directly or indirectly, that I see them and hear them.  Telling someone I have learned from them, and that they push me to be a better person and to think deeply. Doing stuff for the cats.  

New-to-us Wi-fi router has been installed.  Fingers are crossed that it resolves some of the issues around dropped internet connections–ones that often seem to be solved by rebooting the router, ones were the ISP isn’t reporting any issues.  That did mean no mini-golf, although there was an hour and a half walk. Today I listened to Shostakovich’s Violin Concerto no. 2, the only one of the six concertos he wrote that I have not seen live.  That’s going to go very high on my list of things I’ll be looking out for once things hopefully start up again.  The slow movement is rather astounding, and I fall deeper in love with it every time I hear it. The fact that this work was entering the world at the same time I was has a certain bit of charm for me as well.    

I also picked up the buttons I ordered from Michael’s and have now officially finished the vest.  I’ll definitely be making more of these, and I’ve ordered a pattern based on a set of actual 1930s women’s trousers.  The plan is to turn some of that wonderful wool I obtained via a friend into an ensemble with vest and pants.  In the meantime, I have material for at least one more of the vests kicking around here, and will probably make another one. 


Listened to the interview regarding the upcoming Toronto Symphony season.  Looks like they won’t start until November, with the plans being to gradually increase both audiences and the size of the ensembles performing.  It also looks like we probably have another three weeks or so until the announcement.  

Two more chapters for the CWH book just landed.  I think I may do my proofing tonight once this post is complete.  

Well, so much for no internet issues.  We’re down again.  I’m having to post using the hotspot on my phone.  Tech support has been called.  Again.