Siege Diaries 6/2/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: Where have I lost the forest for the trees?

The associated meditation stresses the use of using the bird’s-eye view to put everything in perspective, and to understand how stressing over a tiny detail is usually not productive. When we’re talking about perspectives on life, I an a strong adherent to this philosophy, being rather naturally inclined to “big picture” approaches. There’s also something about seeing yourself and the rather unlikely event of your existence against the massive panorama that is our universe that induces both incredible humility and incredible awe. In the grand sweep of time and space, our existence may be relatively “meaningless”, but to those around us, our existence can make the difference between pain and joy, between abundance and want. We need to see those trees, if only to realize that a forest without its trees isn’t a forest.

After yesterday’s busy day, I took a little bit of a rest (but not really). We got notification that the mulch we ordered was being refunded, which meant I went out to Terra for mulch (and one more plant for the backyard containers.). Rain is allegedly on its way, so I wanted to get the mulch down before that happened. Stopped in at Fortino’s for a few food items. It was all a bit of an adventure because they’re doing something on the overpass over the creek that runs to the west of the house, and lanes on Mud St. were limited. There’s construction on Rymal, as well, which made the traffic situation a bit bonkers.

I’ve also booked an afternoon mini-putt session out at Rock Chapel for Friday, when I’m taking the afternoon off, and I’ve gotten the next embroidery project onto the hoop and ready to start. This one’s based on what has to be my absolute favourite photo of Shostakovich, taken in 1943, while he was staying in a cabin (apparently once a chicken coop) working on the 8th Symphony. He’s completely in shadow, with light streaming in through the door and window behind him. His wife took the photo.

The Manul project is getting a lot of love on MOFA. Lots of folks thinking it was a photograph. Win! I’ll certainly be returning to cats in the future–maybe a serval, maybe moving on to some of my own cats.

Today the stay-at-home order is finally over, but it’ll still be some time before things start to move towards the reopening plan–although possibly earlier than June 14. The schools aren’t going to reopen. I think someone had a “come to Jesus” talk with Doug Ford, because suddenly he’s talking about ventilation and probably hoping everyone will forget how many kids he crammed into classrooms. Today’s case count was a bit over 700, so continued progress there. I hope they stick to June 14, personally. The longer they can, the better chance of not going back again.