Siege Diaries 6/3/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: Do I have a backup plan for my backup plan?

It may not be a “plan”, per se, but I’ve built my life on the ability to pivot and be flexible when an opportunity arises or a problem occurs. If you plan for change, you can change your plan.

This morning, the giant bag of rocks was dropped off in our driveway, right on schedule. Dave immediately went about deploying them to the front yard, and that work is mostly done. I was quite impressed with the rocks themselves: Not only were they larger than I expected, they were much more rounded than I expected. I thought because I was getting the “cheaper” stone (as opposed to the stuff that runs $29 a bag) that what I’d end up with would be more like gravel. Nope, it’s the nice, smooth rock I think of when I think of “river stone.” There was a bit left over, so we’ve put it in the backyard, close to the house, and just need a few additional bags to finish off that area. Tomorrow, we’ve got mini-golf booked, but will also be stopping at a couple of the local stores with lawn ornaments to see if we can find something decorative for the foot of the driveway. We should come out of this with the lawn redesign running well under $1000, which is a fraction of what we would have paid to have the same work done.

I’ve also gone ahead and ordered delica beads for the Chernobyl mosaic project. I have a good idea of how I want to approach it, which is going to involved raised portions, although precisely how that will all work may take a little bit of experimentation. That will be the next project up in the queue after the one I just started.

After my Toastmasters meeting, I got a little bit of Russian review and a new module in, and then I watched the concert I purchased a ticket to, a pair of pre-recorded pieces by Symphonia Toronto. The Shostakovich Chamber Symphony was recorded just a little over two years ago, and I remember running across a listing for it after it happened. I generally think the Chamber Symphonies are some what less-than than the quartets they are expanded from, but still quite enjoyable, and the group played this one (op. 118a) nicely, and there is a certain ferocity in the Scherzo that was nicely done (so much so that someone gave a single handclap at the end of it before stifling it).

Also, I decided I wanted to buy another pair of the yoga pants I purchased on Amazon and ordered them yesterday. There was no delivery date given. Apparently the delivery date was today. I ordered the large this time (they’re made in China so they run a bit small) and they are perfect.