Siege Diaries 6/8/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: If I took things patiently, step by step, what could I conquer?

Patience is everything. This approach works best for things completely under your control, where you’re able to break down the steps and give each the concentration needed. But we’ve also seen that this kind of thing is also absolutely vital for fighting things that are not in any one person’s control, exhausting as it can be.

Today, we had just 469 new COVID cases in Ontario. These last two months have been absolutely grueling, and it’s not fully over yet, but that’s been achieved by incremental progress, despite the impatience of a lot of people for things to be over now.

A great day for stuff in the mail. The CA that I helped a friend edit arrived, along with my Rus’ swag from Armor and Castings and a new Gumby shirt.

I also got to attend what looks like it may be an annual Wright Sites PekaKucha session (virtually, of course), on the occasion of his birthday. One of the best presentations this time was from the group in Glencoe, IL that has managed to save and move Booth Cottage, which they just finished last year. Here’s some neat video of the moving process:

Booth Cottage was almost like an early prototype of what would eventually become Wright’s Usonian Style, years before that ever became a thing. It was completed in 1913 as a temporary home while a much larger house was being constructed for Sherman Booth. Interestingly enough, those plans were never realized, but in 1916 a different Wright plan was completed for Booth. Here’s a tour of that house:

There was also a presentation about the Freeman House, one of the textile block houses in Los Angeles. The presenter has just written a book (actually, an issue of a journal) on this house, which I knew very little about, which I’ve promptly ordered.

Tomorrow: Eye exam. I’ll be able to get a new set of glasses after this. I am probably going to get them somewhere other than the shop attached to the optometrist, mainly because I really don’t want $700 glasses again (insurance only pays for $300), but partially because I think some other places have a better selection.