Siege Diaries 6/9/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: What do I need to nip in the bud right now?

This part of the daily meditations really reads as Project Management 101–more specifically, risk management. Risks are supposed to be identified early in the project, so that plans to address them should they actually become issues can be put together. It’s a proactive vs. reactive response.

As for right now? I need to get a handle on portion control again–or perhaps it’s just a few too many indulgences.

Welp, I lied. I ended up with some expensive glasses again. But they are perfect–more or less exactly what I wanted. Round lenses, not too large, tortoiseshell frame with wire underneath. Also, just as light as my red titanium frames, which means they’re not likely to creep down my nose. My prescription is more or less back to where it was before I had my lens implants cleaned, which means the current specs will be fine. I’ll just have a spiffy new pair to rotate in. But I certainly won’t be going out and spending any extra money for the next bit.

I was able to start Car Flag Bingo on my trip to the optometrist. With the upcoming Euro Cup (first match on Friday), I have 24 flags to spot. Thanks to the current situation, I won’t be able to get out as much to go flag spotting, but Hamilton has a surprising number of different European communities. First out of the gate was England, followed by three different cars sporting Italy gear (including the full hood wrap on one). We’re also no longer under a stay-at-home order, so if I feel like going for a drive to look for flags, maybe I just can.

Then it was home to the first episode of Loki, which was outstanding. I’m really looking forward to see where they take this. What I’ve always loved about the character of Loki is that he’s such a hot mess–all of that bluster and cockiness is in counterpoint to a soul you simultaneously want to be redeemable and to keep up with the mischief. He plays all the sides simultaneously. I’ve always thought it was a stroke of genius to get a talented actor like Tom Hiddleston into the role. Combine that with the thoroughly mid-century modern aesthetic of the TVA, and how can you lose?

Continued good news on the case counts–in the low 400s today. They’ve moved up the switch into the first reopening stage from next Monday to this Friday, which consists mostly of outdoor patios, slightly larger outdoor gatherings, and non-essential stores being able to reopen (except in malls).

Progress continues on the embroidery. Lots of dark brown. I’m starting to run low. Hoping the stuff I ordered shows up soon.