Siege Diaries 6/15/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: Can I listen more and talk less today?

That’s actually a tall order for me, because if I’m not actually doing a presentation, I tend to be much more of a listener than a talker. Still, I do have my situations where I get going on a topic I’m enthusiastic about and just go off on a billion tangents. Toastmasters has helped me realize what those are, but I am also not alone among my geeky friends in excessive enthusiasm, and I refuse to let anyone rob me of that. Instead, I look for cues to make sure I’m not losing people.

Driveway is now repaved! The workers showed up right on time around 2, and then the house started vibrating as they ran a roller over the gravel. By 4 they were all done. It looks amazing. The indented area at the foot of the driveway where water used to collect is gone, and the edge is nicely beveled. And all should be nicely cured by next week when I have a doctor’s appointment and will likely be picking up my new glasses.

Lots of embroidery progress today. Also, signed up for the next An Tir scribal backlog challenge in later July.

Today’s case count has dropped below 300. I am hugely hopeful we may again be in line for a mini-vacation later in the summer, particularly if I can get the vax done in early July.

Cats of Brutalism is my latest find. Take Brutalist architecture, add giant cats, and voila….