Siege Diaries 6/16/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: Where do I need help? Who can I ask for it?

Odd that this comes on a day when I’m trying to pull together a bunch of information for work with some key people out of the office. I know from past experience that trying to do everything myself is a sure way to failure, unless I actually am the expert on these things.

So yeah, asking for help is definitely a thing I’ve learned how to do over the years. Doesn’t mean I don’t still mess up. Usually that happens when something else is going on, such as a bout of anxiety or depression.

The Toronto Symphony just released its season today, and I’ve used my credits towards a new set of five tickets, all for 2022. There will be an evening of Bach (including two of the Brandenburg Concerti), another featuring Schumann’s Symphony no. 1; and two Beethoven concerti – the piano concerto no. 5 and the violin concerto (which I was originally supposed to see last year. The only Shostakovich is a surprising one–the Overture on Russian and Kirghiz Folk Themes, certainly not one you see on programs much. (It’s on a program with Tchaikovsky and Prokofiev). So, I’ll have to cross fingers for one of the other orchestras if I want any more Shostakovich symphonies or concertos. Hoping Kindred Spirits will come through for me. At least there are really no US orchestras I could travel to see with any Shostakovich symphonies I’d want to see–although quite a few large ones have not announced seasons yet. This is, of course, still all based on a great deal of hope and optimism that concerts will be a go by then. Fingers are crossed.

What I do wish Ontario was doing better was making things a little more clear for outdoor concerts and such while the weather is nice. I get it–they’re being cautious–but they’re being almost too cautious right now, which is forestalling planning, because they’re not putting much in the way of guidelines in place for when we theoretically get to further stages in the reopening process. Other provinces are all over this. If we get to where we think we’re going to get with vaccinations–that is, possibly to over 50% fully vaxxed within a few weeks–things might become a lot more possible in August and September. (We were at about 350 cases today).

Watched the second episode of Loki today, and once again am being reminded of the awesomeness that is Tom Hiddleston. Tonight’s highlight involved a visit to Pompeii in 79 AD and some quite credible (although modern-accented) Latin which made me burst out laughing. The premise of the show (essentially, some form of time police who are chasing an alternate variant of Loki, who himself is an alternate variant in this particular show) involves the bending of time that make me like Dr. Strange so much (that and Benedict Cummerbatch, who I have started to believe is actually a shape-shifting dragon–I mean, just look at his eyes!).

My shoes based on the CWH Lancaster arrived today, and I got a call that my glasses had also arrived–but, of course, I can’t get to the latter while we wait for the driveway to cure. I wanted to go in on Saturday but Dave wants me to wait until Monday. Sigh. Well, I guess…

And if you’re noticing that these updates have gotten much less philosophical in general of late, you’re not wrong. I am by nature an introspective person, as well as one who tends to think deeply about the world, but right now, we are in such a liminal space between pandemic and whatever-the-hell-is-next that it’s hard to concentrate on anything but sailing the straits of change. There is a great sense of euphoria evident at the moment on the vaccine rollout, the fact that Ontario is vaccinating hundreds of thousands of people every day, but we’re not quite to the mass celebratory moment, and I think there is a lot of nervous energy right now. It’s certainly messing with my attention span. I haven’t stopped thinking, but my ability to write long-form pieces right now is a little off. I’ve even noticed it’s impacting that deep concentration I’ve been able to have on my embroidery pieces. When you truly do have nowhere to go, it’s easier to lose yourself in stitching–or writing. I don’t yet have anywhere to go–but it feels like I could, sometime soon, and my brain wants to jump right into it.

And on a final note, today would have been my Dad’s 94th birthday. You know, I never thought about it until now, but we shared birth years that ended in the number 7.