Siege Diaries 6/23/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: Where am I standing in my own way?

Honestly? My biggest barrier is often a reluctance to ask for help from people I do not know, which often has a lot to do with my general introversion. It’s something I need to work consciously on.


A bit of a rant:

I have a couple of friends who have a tendency, at least online, towards unrelenting finger-wagging about the pandemic. I understand why, but it’s still exhausting to be reminded, again and again, as if I’ve been asleep for the last sixteen months now, that there’s still a pandemic out there and now is not the time to let our guard down. I’m probably taking it too personally, but I just want to yell YOU’RE HECTORING THE WRONG DAMNED PERSON! It feels horribly condescending to be told, as if I were a toddler, that the vaccines are safe or to read yet another rant about how the government cannot be trusted. Again, I’m sure I’m not the target, but this spray and pray method of “educating” makes no friends. At least acknowledge that you’re preaching to the choir! (Of course, these people might have a metric f*ckton of antivaxxers or antimaskers on their feeds. I never had many of those to start with). But you know, if I have one more person react to my post about how I’ve decided to mix vaccines with a comment reassuring me it’s perfectly safe and listing reasons, I’m gonna cut a b*tch. IF I AM POSTING THAT I’M DOING IT, I DON’T NEED MORE CONVINCING!


Another strong episode of Loki, going in a completely different direction than the first two episodes (as befits a god of mischief and chaos). This one involves Loki’s thwarting of Sylvie’s (aka Lady Loki, apparently) plans to overthrow the TVA, which ends up getting both of the mischievous pair stuck on a planet (the aptly-named mining world Lamentis-1) which is about to be struck by another planet. There’s a lot of post-apocalyptic ruin and Bladerunner-esque eye candy while the two banter (Loki at one point revealing he likes both men and women, although I suspect “bisexual” is actually understating it, because he’s also clearly genderqueer), a very funny scene where Loki gets drunk and sings in what sounds like something Norse, and a cliffhanger. Again, Tom Hiddleston is a god playing a god.

I haven’t posted an update on the current embroidery in awhile, because this is by far the most timeconsuming single piece I’ve done. The entire area is covered, even though the shading is, for the most part, less complicated. But it still takes time. I’m quite pleased so far.

I also spent some time translating the Spider-Man song into Latin, which looks like this:

Vir Araneus, vir Araneus
Facit quod potest araneus
Aranea ulli magnitudinis net
Fures sicut muscas capit
Cave! Venit Vir Areneus

Ille valens? Audi, amicule
Ille sanguinem ardentem missum habet
Potest ille filo pendere ?
Vide supra.
Ecce ! Illic vadit Vir Araneus.

And this is simply cool. It’s the same guy doing all of the readings.