Siege Diaries 6/30/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: How can I use this obstacle as an opportunity?

It was just a year ago when my creativity sparked to life again.

I was tired of writing by then. I’d blogged the first 100 days of the “Siege”, but things were opening up and it no longer seemed like an imperative. Still, my will to create–other than for a couple of tiny projects–lay dormant, sleeping, waiting. I needed a reason, still. That was the obstacle.

And then I participated in SMASH. The challenges I completed for this virtual scavenger hunt awakened me to the opportunities around me. I could research new things, make other things–just because. That event gave me a silly, contrived reason and some deadlines–and it worked. I came out of that weekend–having diagrammed battles with wine gums and goldfish, having drafted maps, written poems, researched cultures and people I’d never heard of before, having built a bow out of a PVC pipe, embroidering a phrase from a movie–alive to the treasure trove of potential I was sitting on just in my house.

The larger obstacle that led the smaller one has stuck around longer than I really wanted to believe at this time last year, and that has made me wary of becoming too sure now that at this time next year, all will be back to some variant of normal. But the opportunity I seized with (primarily) my embroidery projects has been realized. I can continue to embroider things as long as I find things I want to stitch, and since they are not “for” anyone but me (although I will admit to liking the positive feedback I get when I share them) they are not dependent on any external event.

Here, incidentally, is the latest one, which I saved for today’s post (since it did not fit in with yesterday’s).

I’m on vacation now for a few days. I’m starting to prep the next embroidery project tonight, and will start in on my 1930s jacket and trousers tomorrow. I have CWH chapters to proof and have been notified that I should have DSCH layouts to proof shortly. We indulged in a turkey dinner from Betty’s tonight, and I got a complete listen-through of Shostakovich’s Symphony no. 7. I was reminded again that it’s possible to turn up the stereo in the car too much.

Another outstanding episode of Loki tonight, throwing in all kinds of twists (we’re up to at least six Lokis now, or so it appears); our favourite Loki is remaining delightfully slippery and confused about seeming to care about another person (even if it’s a version of himself). Who the baddies are remains as confused and constantly shifting as ever. In other words, it’s perfect.

Speaking of Marvel, the Black Widow movie is finally being released, and the reviews I’ve seen range from “good” to “WOW!”. We will likely pony up the $30 to see it on streaming on July 9.

Here’s a fascinating article about the South Slavic languages and how they evolved.

And today we dropped down below 200 cases as more things began to reopen. We had takeout from Betty’s. Nothing is really changing for us. However, I did book a massage for “peak immunity” day, just nine days from now.