Siege Diaries 7/2/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: What is the harder choice I’m avoiding?

I do know there is more I could be doing for my community–and by “community” I mean, in particular, for people who do not enjoy the privileges I do. My tendency is to do a lot of learning and thought but then not following through with real action outside of things like Facebook advocacy. I still tend to prioritize myself.


The weather held off until the late afternoon, so we got a chance to go play mini putt and then go for a short stroll at the waterfront. The mini putt game went rather well–particularly the two holes-in-one, including the completely freaky one on the final hole where I missed the hole I was shooting for and had it go into another hole (there are three holes to choose from on that final hole.) The temperature today was in the low 20s, so the waterfront was not bakey at all, and wasn’t hugely crowded.

Then there were two more modules on the Indigenous Canada course, and most of the construction of my 1930s trousers (turns out I need some buttons, so there will be a run to Fabricland tomorrow morning–but they’re looking amazing; it was like this pattern was made for me.). One downside: As-is, the trousers are just the right length. There’s no room for a cuff. When I make up the charcoal grey version of this outfit, I’ll go ahead and add about three more inches to the length to allow for the cuff.

Finally, a Zoom meeting with friends. It looks like our SMASH team is coming together nicely. I’m kind of hoping that within a few weeks, we might be able to have in-person meetings. Almost everyone has had their second vaccination.

Tomorrow: Working on the jacket to match the trousers, maybe getting the beaded piece set up, and a couple more modules of Indigenous Canada.