Siege Diaries 7/10/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: How will I improve myself today?

There’s nothing like completely winging a project just to see if it works. I’ve had good luck with those lately.

This one is going to take awhile. I might take a break on it to work on another project, if only because I know that project, as set up, will go fairly fast. Here is the padding just before I sewed on the piece over the top. I am messing around with different approaches for the beading right now, which is why it might take a little longer. Plus the beads are *tiny*.

I’ve been working on this during an online sewing thing with SCA friends, which has been entertaining. Other things today included a 2 1/2 hour walk and some raiding of sales at Mark’s Work Warehouse. I’ve gone with men’s light pajama pants and they are exactly perfect. I also found a neat top for about $19 that I already own in purple (and paid more like $45 the first time), and some new underwear (all black – yay!),

We’ve been starting to talk about a mini-vacation in August, probably to Kingston. It’s starting to feel real that we might begin to be able to do some things like that again.