Siege Diaries 7/12/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: What principles govern my behaviour?

So much boils down to the simple words: “Don’t be a dick.” That may not sound very refined or philosophical, but it actually goes beyond the Golden Rule to be even more absolute about what kind of behaviour should be the goal.

Being kind, attempting to learn and understand the perspectives of others, leading by example, honouring commitments, being true to yourself and your values…yep, “don’t be a dick.”

Here’s the completed second portion of the latest embroidery project. This is some of the last of the absolute favourite blue silk I ever used for a project. It’s a deep blue shot with black, and this photo does not do it justice. The thread is not white; it’s faintly blue grey. I also discovered I had no green silk (which I really wanted in the palette), so I picked up a bottle of green dye at Michael’s and have just dyed some white silk. It’s drying right now. In the mean time, I’ll go ahead with the third of the five designs after I get this post completed.

Had an initial meeting about the Speechcraft session I’ll be running in September, and now I have access to the training site and materials. I’ll need to take a look at those in the near future. Things really are starting to appear on calendars–maybe a baronial picnic and a game day in August, along with a wedding prep day for a friend. I put in for my five-day vacation for August, and a week from today off for my wedding anniversary (a day early, but spouse has a dentist appointment on the actual day). There were just 116 new cases today, and provincial test positivity rate has dropped below 1%.

This is going to be a weird few months, I think. I’m starting to feel myself able to look outwards a bit, but I am still extremely cautious about it–not wanting to get hopes up about the farther future, but wanting to jump on and take advantage of the more immediate future. And there just isn’t much yet to do, although opening of museums will offer opportunities (hence the planned August trip).

I’m going to put this here: 91 days. That’s the countdown for the Daily Stoic prompts, which will conclude on October 11. Depending on how things are going at that point, I may pull back from daily blogging, or I may find some other form of writing prompt–maybe something creative.