Siege Diaries 7/13/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: Am I ready to be a leader? Ready to do my job?

One thing I have learned over very many years, starting in high school, is both that there are many ways to lead, and that leading is a job. In high school, and even after, elections for things such as class president tended to be popularity contests. Most people, to be honest, did not know what these folks did, because school government was so confined to just a handful of people per grade level. But in the real world, leaders need to know how to involve others and–most importantly–create new leaders through mentoring, training, and (sometimes) just cheerleading. A good leader wants more leaders. They don’t see it as a job only they can do, or something to be hoarded. That’s servant leadership, the kind where putting it on your resume is not the primary concern–it’s doing the job.

I don’t lead by charisma or popularity. I lead by honouring my commitments and doing anything I do to the best of my ability. I lead by asking for help. I lead by delegating, by finding the talents of others and empowering them to take on a portion of the load.

The organization that does not realize the potential of an eager, engaged volunteer who is willing to work and learn, but instead turns them away is an organization doomed to failure. That might work in high school, where the stakes are artificial, but it does not work in the real world.

Just when things were getting rather dull and routine:
We have a friend nesting on our porch.

I had noticed a flutter around our Japanese Maple a couple of days ago, and yesterday Dave pointed out that a mourning dove had built a nest on top of a utility box, right by the door. She seems fairly cool and serene about the comings and goings out the door.

I also spent some time today to dye a second piece of white silk with the green dye I purchased. Yesterday’s was so dark that it barely reads as green. Today’s I left in only about six or seven minutes, and it’s still quite dark–but it’s the colour I was after. I’m also well into embroidery piece no. 3. This one is on indigo-dyed silk and it definitely has an odour that suggests the fact that it had its origins in a dye vat that involved, among other savoury components, urine. I’m making a decision about filling in one part. Will post once it’s done.

Walking through the nearby large park, we happened upon a film set. Googling the “police car” we saw there (Georgia plates, with markings referring to Margrave), it looks like this is related to filming a series based on the Jack Reacher novels for Amazon Prime.

Speaking of Amazon, I’ve ordered a new Bluetooth iPad keyboard cover. I was just checking to see how much they were (since mine is currently being held on by duct tape) and it looks very much like they’re being discontinued. The good news is that this means it was half price.

I’ve also ordered a pair of glasses (reading prescription only) in a retro horn rim style from Zeelool, which is a cheapie eyeglass place. They’re costing me less than $50 US, including delivery.