Siege Diaries 7/16/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: To what service am I committed?

There’s a certain amount of selfishness in what I’m committed to, but it leads to larger implications that are much more selfless. It’s a relentless curiosity about the world around me — to see, listen, absorb, and understand. But that makes me more empathetic, which in turn leads to kindness and a desire for justice. Being open to learning means not being so set in my basic beliefs. It keeps me humble. It makes me tend to believe others who share truths. It keeps me questioning and seeking, as I always know that there is so much I do not know. This fact does not scare me–it urges me on.

Put the final touches on embroidery no. 4 this morning, and tonight I’ve sketched out no. 5, the final piece of this set.

(That background is dark green, incidentally).

Today’s lunchtime walk was eventful. First, we spotted VeRA (the Lancaster bomber) doing a training run just to the north as we headed out on the trail. Next, I spotted this young bun:

Later along the trail, there was a great deal of bee balm (Monarda) in bloom.

But what I really noticed during the walk was all of the moths. I surmised that they were the infamous LDD moths (the ones until recently named after a perjorative term for the Romani people). They were everywhere. And on the way back, I confirmed the supposition when I spotted some of the females on trees. The females do not fly, and are more of a white colour than the tan males.

Luckily, the woods where I walk is large enough that I didn’t spot any trees that had been completely defoliated by the caterpillars.

This afternoon, I did something I hadn’t really done for about 20 months: Planned a trip. We’re planning to go to Kingston in August. We’ll take a 1000 Islands tour out of Gananoque this time, but also add a harbour tour of Kingston, and will visit various other sites around the city, including a visit back to Ft. Henry. Maybe we’ll even see a friend or two in the area. I’ve got the Holiday Inn Express booked (hoping for cinnamon rolls) and the two boat tours. It felt nice. It’s not a full vacation, but it’ll be 4 days and 3 nights, and hopefully will scratch that itch a bit. Maybe I’ll even get to do some travel writing. I’ve missed that immensely.

We’ll also be scratching a more local itch on Monday–I’ve booked us timeslots at Dundas Peak and Webster’s Falls, fairly local parks that we haven’t yet seen. And there will be our anniversary dinner at the Keg this evening (where I’ll get to finally wear my Dare Mighty Things dress).

Tomorrow looks dubious for my plans to see an outdoor concert at the Shaw Festival I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but next Saturday is a viable backup plan. But whatever the case, I have a long weekend ahead of me!