Siege Diaries 8/7/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: Can I live well no matter how trying the environment?

“Principles and pragmatism are not at odds,” says the associated meditation, noting the example of Lincoln –compassionate, deliberate, fair, open-minded, and purposeful–who was still, nonetheless, a politician. He doubtless faced situations every day when these principles came in conflict with the environment in which he worked–but yet, he did not retreat to live in some kind of monk-like perfection; he did his best to walk that line to be able to make a difference in the world.

We often tend to turn those who risk everything–and sometimes, in fact, lose everything–into the biggest heroes. But that is, once again, making the best the enemy of the good. I’m much more attracted to those whose lives were more complicated and less saintly, but in the end did the best they could in difficult circumstances.


I caught a feeding session this morning. This evening, the mother was off the nest for a bit.

Three hours of semi-normal-life today. I had to think about what garb I’d wear. We sat around in a park on a beautiful day (rains came long after) and just enjoyed each other’s company. Everyone was good about keeping distance, although there were some spiffy masks to be seen as well. Dropped off our key with our catsitter for next week.

After this, we picked up some Betty’s and then stopped by the Punch Bowl Market for a stock-up on jam. They also had some jarred cranberry sauce that we’re eager to try.

Also have booked another fun activity: an evening meal two weeks from now on the York-Durham Heritage Railway. Should be a good excuse for some historic clothes!

Then, more excitement: I cleaned the bathroom!

I’m also starting to get things set up for the Toastmasters Speechcraft session I’ll be running starting next month. It’s definitely a different process now than the way things were handled back when I ran Speechcraft the last time, although the content looks to be similar, so I’ll just have to put some thought into the logistics of the meeting. I’m glad I’m not brand new to running a Speechcraft, because otherwise I might be a little bit lost.

After all of this, I’m ready for bed. Off to the Museum tomorrow, then Pathfinder in the late afternoon, and then, before I head to bed, I’ll mark a solemn anniversary.