Siege Diaries 8/11/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: Are my habits getting better?

I am just about to cross the ten-month finish line on blogging with these prompts every day. In fact, I set these posts up ahead of time as drafts to add to while I was away to keep myself on track.

Doing something for that long, I hope, will create a pattern of spending just a little time to be thoughtful. Still not quite sure whether I will write every day on this topic, but I like the idea of taking the chance to write about something a little thought-provoking.

There are quite a few attractions around Kingston that are closed, either for renovations (Bellevue House), because of the pandemic (the museum at RMC), because it’s not a weekend, or simply because we couldn’t get a ticket. We had our harbour cruise today, but most of the time was spent checking out some little shops and having a nice dinner.