Siege Diaries 8/13/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: What troubles can I solve in advance?

Well, one of them was setting up the prompts for the time I’d be away so I wouldn’t have to lug extra books with me…

I am back home now. Blogging while on the road mostly worked out, but I had real problems uploading photos. So yesterday’s update might have seemed a little light–because I decided not to upload the large number of photos until I was back on a computer and a network that could handle them.

So, starting first with the Kingston Mills locks:

Moving on to Gananoque. Before and after our cruise, we visited the Thousand Islands museum and the Boat Museum.

Our second Thousand Islands cruise (and my third; more on that in a minute) we did from Gananoque rather than Kingston. It turned out that there was absolutely no overlap between the two. The one we took from Kingston several years ago did its turnaround in Half Moon Bay, just in sight of Gananoque. This one more or less picked up right where that one left off, heading further down the St. Lawrence and doing its turnaround in the vicinity of Millionaire’s Row and Boldt Castle. I vaguely remember Boldt Castle from doing a Thousand Islands cruise in 1976 from the US side–but I don’t think we actually toured it.

The first leg of the cruise:

Boldt Castle (and environs). We couldn’t stop since it’s in the US (a great deal of this first leg of the cruise was in US waters) and the border remains closed.

Turnaround and return.

Part of the fun of this particular trip was learning some new things–such as the existence of a huge underwater waterfall close to the location of the Thousand Islands Bridge, and about the Frontenac Arch, which is a geologic feature–a bridge of sorts–linking the Canadian Shield and the Adirondacks.

One final view from Kingston.

Today, after a leisurely drive through Prince Edward County (and a stop for cheap gas on the Mohawk reserve, noting that weed dispensaries have outpaced the traditional smoke shops by a huge amount), we grabbed some BBQ at a food truck and visited a friend, live and in person and in his house. Wow. Got a cat fix, too.

Returning home, we check the dove’s nest. Empty.

Furiosa and Spitfire were hiding under the bed. When I looked under, I called to them, and Spitfire immediately emerged and was super friendly. Furiosa eventually followed.

New pants and shorts to wear to the Museum arrived. They’re perfect. No longer will my ankles hang out.

When a friend stopped by to pick up a sheet of pergamenata, I found a surprise on the porch.

Whether this was our mother dove, or one of her offspring, I do not know. Whether there are more eggs, I do not know. But I was happy that the nest was not empty.