Siege Diaries 8/15/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: Will decisions I make today be based on true judgments?

The associated meditation mentions a key quality that I’ve always found something worthy of striving for: consistency. That’s related to dependability. I want those I work with, or those who put their confidence in me, to find me trustworthy and reliable, a person who keeps commitments (and, should something arise where I can’t follow through, to do as much as I can to notify folks as soon as I can and to have made contingency plans to make sure, wherever possible, that my key commitments are kept. A lot of that does rely on true judgement–being able to assess things not as I want them to be, or on wishful thinking, but based on reality. And that also means learning to say “no” when something goes beyond mere “stretch goals” into something completely out of reach.


Today was a gorgeous day for flying.

Also, the Ilyushin-76 finally left, after a two-week stay. As it was being pulled onto the runway, we got to see the cargo door open.

Otherwise, a low-key day. First RPG session featured a lot of investigation regarding flumphs, followed by a large explosion. Pathfinder, unfortunately, was cancelled due to GM illness.

It’s a little odd contemplating returning to work tomorrow. It feels like forever. I believe my password has expired.