Siege Diaries 8/16/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: How will I turn today’s adversities into advantages?

“What things that have been holding you back could be a hidden source of strength?”

I’m leaving this one open, mostly because I honestly haven’t had any notable personal adversities recently. They’re all the same ones of recent history, where I’ve already learned to make lemonade.

Back to work today. Nothing exploded while I was gone. In fact, a lot of water-treading, which isn’t unexpected because of vacations and such.

Our cat-feeding friend stopped by to pick up the glasses she’d accidentally left (and we festooned her with goodies as a thank-you.) She confirmed that the young doves had already left the nest the first time she stopped by–which means it’s quite possible that the nest was not reoccupied until Friday evening.

Making plans to go to downtown Toronto tomorrow for the first in-person Eoforwic meeting in a long while. I debated it a bit (after all, it’s a hike from Stoney Creek; in ye olde days I would have stayed late after work). One thing I am eagerly anticipating is renewing my relationship with Shostakovich’s 4th Symphony as the homebound musical selection.

Speaking of that, I might–might–have a live concert of Shostakovich’s 14th Symphony lined up for September. The website is very unclear as to whether this is a streamed concert or an in-person one. I know the December concert by the same orchestra is meant to be in person. Whatever the case, the ticket has been ordered and the fingers are seriously crossed. That’s four weeks away. If that ends up being my first symphony performance in person, it will be perfect.

I’d hoped to start a scroll tonight, but I remembered it was the Ealdormere submissions meeting. We ended up going over an hour and a half with discussing conflict checking and such. I did get the exemplar printed out, so probably on Wednesday I’ll start the work.

Exciting things for Sunday at the museum–there is a fairly local guy who has restored a P-51 Mustang who will be bringing it down for a visit.

Meanwhile, in the news, we have an upcoming federal election–and the news that Afghanistan is in the process of falling to the Taliban. The fall has been swift, and there are comparisons to the fall of Saigon, but this actually happened faster (although the war that proceeded it was longer.)

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  1. The West’s time in Afghanistan was 20 years. It is disgustingly true that the junket in southeast Asia was longer (in general, not just the US involvement).

    We are not a good species.


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