Siege Diaries 8/20/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: How well is your soul dressed?

This is meant to point out that outward dress and appearance are not what’s important–it’s the person within and their character.

Personally, I try to make what I wear reflect my soul. But no garment can ever completely encompass what I—or anyone—actually is.

A soul can be concealed or contained in protective gear that keeps it from being harmed. But in its purest state, the soul is bared and can express itself in harmony with what it truly is. Ideally, the clothing of the soul is translucent, allowing it to shine forth, while perhaps being afforded some protection from those who might seek to harm it.

My own soul is well-protected, but I think—I hope—it is still able to shine.


Really hammering home on the embroidery tonight. I designed a second motif for the background that will provide a little bit of interest without needing to cover it heavily. It, like the first one, is a clever bit of design work, consisting of four musical notes arranged in a four-pointed pattern.

Tomorrow, back to NOTL for the next Coffee Concert. But I had almost forgotten about the evening’s activity—dinner on a historic railway. Then Sunday is even busier, with CWH, a paper flower-making party with a friend, and then Pathfinder.