Siege Diaries 8/21/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: What if I stopped worrying about the future and enjoyed the present?

It’s August 2021. We have no idea what the fall is going to bring us. I mean, I think everyone is hoping we can get those vax numbers up enough not have to lock down AGAIN—but who knows?

Right now, though, it’s summer. The opportunities are a little limited this year, but they’re there. Today was a perfect example.

I returned to Niagara on the Lake for the second time in three days for the second Coffee Concert. I had time before to stop by a bakery and pick up fresh shortbread for Dave and a collection of other sweets. The concert itself featured Janacek’s String Quartet no. 1 – which will feature prominently in a show I’m seeing the week after next—and a late quartet by Haydn. The Janacek I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s riding that edge between late Romantic and modern that I find so appealing, including some effective use of harmonics.

Stopped at Curry’s on the way back for black paper for a scroll. Spent a few hours working on embroidery.

Then we were off to the York-Durham Heritage Railway for a train ride and a dinner. I wore my 1930s navy pants, white spearpoint shirt, vintage tie, and new blue fedora. There was a nifty train station to look through, and a thoroughly tasty meal.

(To be continued, pending photos.)