Siege Diaries 8/22/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: What small stuff can I stop sweating?

Right now, I’m sweating the fact that I can’t seem to access my photos. I have them set to sync with my laptop via iCloud and they’re not behaving.

I suppose I should stop sweating it. Tomorrow hopefully I’ll have more time….

And…as it turned out—I was able to get at the photos from my iPad. Proof that not sweating it works!


I’m rather impressed that I managed to do all the things today. First, my shift at CWH, where the P-51 Mustang guest arrived right on schedule (although my *)(#(@ phone is still claiming there’s no room to take videos and I missed the lovely taxiing in with the purr of a newly-restored Merlin engine.) It cut quite the figure in the air, with its shiny chrome exterior glinting in the sunlight as it buzzed the Museum before landing. I had to leave a bit early, so I missed a ceremony honouring a 98-year-old pilot who had flown P-51s with the same squadron (City of Hamilton) that the Mustang has been restored to represent.

Then off to a friend’s house for a little social time making paper flowers for her wedding and eating burgers and completely evil mini caramel cheesecakes.

Finally, the weekly Pathfinder game, in which I did much better than the last one, repeatedly harming (and in fact getting the last blow in on, since it needed to be injured with cold iron in order not to heal itself) a wendigo. Of course, I had to then go look up wendigo to see how much the Pathfinder monster resembled the original one, which comes from North American Indigenous lore (the answer: quite a bit, although this one was a variant that seemed to thrive off of heat rather than cold). We ended a little early.

Finally…some photos from yesterday’s train trip….