Siege Diaries 8/23/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: Where do I have too much of a good thing?

What this relates to is overwhelming others with your success (or apparent moral superiority), and using it to moralize or preach. I think the current application of this are those who seem to be in competition to come off as the most socially conscious–focusing on the performative and conscious of the eyes of others, rather than simply doing the things one’s ethical and moral compass would lead one to do.

This line can, of course, be blurred, since if you’re doing the work, there is good in leading by example. The issue becomes when the focus is not on the issue in question, but on how wonderful you are for caring about it. Posting every news article or meme gets tiring, especially if that’s all you are doing.


So, I finally figured out the issue with iCloud not updating. It turned out that since I’d changed my Apple ID password, it was failing. (Nice of it to tell me.) Got that changed, and suddenly all of the photos were there. Sheesh. I also found an enormous run (close to 1000) of blank images–as if the photo button got pressed in my purse or something.

Went to a Ben Dunfirth meeting tonight. Nice to see some other people again. Tomorrow night, Eoforwic. It’s a little odd having places to go again.

Got to listen to another symphony by a composer friend online today. There was an absolutely fascinating movement built around the natural harmonics of a French horn, which involves using just intonation.

So just a short thing tonight. I am pushing to get the bulk of the current embroidery project done so I can move on to C&I assignments.