Siege Diaries 8/26/2021

Today’s Daily Stoic writing prompt: What potential losses can I anticipate in advance?

I like the associated meditation much better than this question, which talks about finding growth points in adversity. (Note that I don’t call it “positives.” “Growth points” acknowledge that adversity can hurt, and hurt a lot, and growth is not always a happy thing, especially while you’re still in the midst of it.) There’s been 18 months of this kind of thing now, and there were a lot of losses. Have I found ways to grow and thrive? Yes. Would I want to do this over again? Hell no. I would have preferred not to have a pandemic.

The plans for the eight days between September 11 and September 19 just continue to build. I got confirmation today that the September 11 concert with Shostakovich Symphony no. 14 is indeed in person and that I have a ticket. I just read a list of programming for Celebration of Nations in St. Catharines, which is a program of Indigenous-led cultural activities, and on that same day, there will be a program with cellist and composer Chris Derksen with the Niagara Symphony. Having heard a couple of Derksen’s works, I am very much thinking of going — it’s from 4-5 pm and very doable. (Some of the best music by Canadian composers right now is coming from Indigenous people. Everything I’ve heard has been just amazing.)

I’ve also arranged a ticket with a friend for the Niagara Symphony’s free outdoor performance on September 19, and we’re also going to the final Coffee Concert at the Shaw in the morning. That’ll be a total of five concerts in eight days. I’ve likened this to being on a diet for a year and a half, then all of a sudden eating a dozen cinnamon rolls. I will take it, though. The fall still has a lot of uncertainties, and this opportunity to sate my appetite needs to be seized.

I found out yesterday that Pergamon (parchment paper) was on sale at DeSerres, and there seems to be some indication it might be discontinued. They were completely sold out online, but I called the Oakville store and, long story short, I now have 16 sheets of it. Along with what I have on hand, that should serve my needs for literally years. Since I was out in the area, I popped down to Gitta’s to pick up more silk thread–primarily black (as the last project has depleted it) but I also picked up some skin tones. I’m contemplating a future project that might involve full colour.

I’ve also started sketching all three of the scrolls I need to get done by next weekend. Two are on black paper, and I think this design is going to look quite dramatic and wonderful. I’ve started in on some of the painting, but I’m going to hold off on doing more until tomorrow.

Toastmasters tonight–only five of us, but we had a good meeting. That’s mirroring what’s going on at work–it seems like about half the world is taking vacation this week. I had to cancel two meetings today because all of the key players were out.

Right now, I have nothing planned on Saturday apart from completing the three scrolls I’m working on. That will be the last Saturday for awhile where that is the case.